Are you tired of wearing black, white or grey clothes?

Do you always buy the usual colours you don't know how to match?

Can't you get a high fashion catwalk look?


This happens because you don't know your friendly colours, those that are able to hide your defects and enhance your qualities.

We have created Armocromia Chromatic Test, the most complete consultation, the only one to use the theory of 16 seasons, easy, precise and fast. It scientifically analyzes colors that illuminate your eyes, enhance your physical characteristics and faithfully reflect your personality.


This test uses the matter that goes by the name of "Armocromia" that studies people's chroma, analysing  hair, eyes and skin graduation to create harmonious images suitable for the world of photography, film, design and fashion.  

With Armocromia Chromatic Test you will always be sure to make the right choice.


With te test below, after answering all the questions, in a few minutes you can take with you your pratical palette of 70 colors, conultate it whenever you want on your smartphone, put it next to the dress you would like to buy and evaluate your purchase in the best way.
Remember that the palette is strictly personal and it is created specifically for you!

Do you know that it only takes 7 seconds to get an idea on someone you see for the first time? And in this moment the color plays a very important role?

Remember that "there's no second chance to make a good first impression"



Seleziona il Tuo colore naturale dei Capelli


Castano Scuro

Castano Medio

Castano Chiaro

Biondo Cenere

Biondo Medio

Biondo Chiaro

Biondo Chiarissimo

Biondo Ramato



Seleziona il Tuo colore naturale degli Occhi



Verde Scuro





Seleziona il Tuo Fototipo della pelle